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Membership to Arts All Over the Place is free.

You don't need to be someone with mental health issues, but you must be sympathetic to those who do.

All exhibitors and beneficiaries of our projects & festivals are required to be members.

Arts All Over the Place Membership Form

Registered charity Number 1178638

Our charitable purpose is: The relief of those in need, in particular people with mental and emotional health and wellbeing needs, through the use of the arts.

Have you ever personally experienced mental ill-health?
Do you care for someone with mental health problems?

Thank you for your interest in Arts All Over the Place. We'll be in touch shortly!

Membership Form Download

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to fill in our online form, please click the document download button to get a copy of our membership form to print off and fill in.


Please bring this with you when attending any session. 

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