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4th - 10th of October 2017.

For this years festival we will be providing  ‘Arts All Over The Place’ with our Make & Create 

sessions based at The Edge @ Friction Arts from the 4th, 5th and 6th. We will exhibit arts works and have workshops at mac birmingham on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of October. In its 10th year, AAOTP celebrates the creative talents of those who have or have had mental health problems across all aspects of the arts, promoting the value of the arts in mental health recovery. Please see workshops below. Throughout the festival we will also be having additional pop-up events. All activities are free and suitable for people of all abilities.     





 Wednesday 4th October @THE EDGE  Bus 2,3,5,31 & 50


11am - 1pm  POETRY FOR HEALING  Learn and explore the cathartic benefits of writing for

survival and self expression 

1pm - 3pm  BREAKING THE MOULD  Develop and broaden your knowledge of ceramics whilst creating your unique piece of art

3pm - 5pm MINDFUL MONTAGE  Make a picture by cutting, gluing, rearranging and overlapping two or more photographs into a new image


Thursday 5th October @THE EDGE 

11am - 1pm  A SENSE OF SELF  Explore your introspective capabilities and create a banner and collage for the exhibition

1pm - 3pm  COSMIC  INSPIRATIONS  An eclectic and eccentric introduction to creative writing for fun and well-being

3pm - 5pm MANDALAS  Carl Jung used mandalas for personal growth.  An  introductory 

workshop of creative exploration


Friday 6th October @THE EDGE  

11am - 1pm   DESIGNS FOR LIFE  Use a variety of 3D visual arts to explore and produce 

anti-stigma arts work

1pm - 3pm   WRITING FOR RECOVERY  The benefits of creative writing with discussion and 

creative writing exercises 

3pm - 5pm  MAKE YOUR MARK  Card making and printing workshop



mac birmingham Bus 1,45,47 & 885



Saturday 7th October @mac birmingham 



11am - 1pm IN MY HEAD  Explore simple drawing ideas and work together to create the bigger picture

1pm - 4pm THE WONDERLAND ARTY PARTY  Drop in arts and crafts activity with Alice and The Mad Hatter Collective Crew  

4pm - 5pm  HEALTHY  SELFIE  Fun pop-up photography activity looking at improving well-being and self-image

5pm THE CHOIR WITH NO NAME  The Charity for people affected by homelessness



2pm - 3pm  DISCO-TASTIC FANTASTIC  Move and groove your soul for well-being 

3pm - 4pm  ME, MY HEALTH AND I   Debate about the misconceptions of mental heath



Sunday 8th October  Theatre In Health Day @mac birmingham 



11am - 1pm SPEECH BUBBLES   Drop in creative writing and interactive arts activity 

1pm - 3pm  FACE OFF   Self-portrait and collage activity

4pm - 6pm   ME AND THEE - Photo Montage looking at  self-image and equality in diverse 




12.30pm - 1.30pm THIS IS ME, NOT A LABEL  

Arts In Health Case Studies exploratory debate from the perspective of the ‘professional’ 

‘community artist’ and ‘service user’     

2.30pm - 3.30pm CARE AND SHARE  Theatre and discussion. People who care for others often have to deal with many excluding and loneliness issues including isolation and disempowerment

5pm - 6.30pm LEDGE What would you do if you found someone on a ledge fourteen floors up with suicide in mind. A dark comedy that focuses on such a  situation. A special Q&A will take place at the end of the performance


Monday 9th October @ mac birmingham



11am - 1pm MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE  Tell us your story with our drop in creative arts and writing activity

1pm - 3pm     KNIT AND NATTER  Bring your knitting gear and make a flower corsage

         3pm - 5pm   HEARTS AND MINDS   Create your own lavender heart  to help you unwind and  discover new skills using recycled materials



12pm - 1.30pm CREATIVE NATIVES 

An exploratory debate for artists and service providers. How and why do the arts impact recovery in mental health? 

2pm - 4pm  US AND THEM  LGBT Writing and spoken word performance workshop

       4pm - 6pm   ME AND MY STIGMA  Creative Drama techniques and performance skills for 

improving capabilities in confidence and group work



Tuesday 10th October  @mac birmingham WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 



11am - 4pm  RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS     Drop in celebratory visual arts throughout the day


12pm - 4pm POSITIVE VIBRATIONS  World Mental Health Day Celebrations with music and  

mayhem. Spliced with dancing & singing for wellbeing, poetry and performance from artists and performers across the City


THE EMERGENCY POET (at The Terrace) 11am - 4pm 

The world’s first and only mobile poetic first aid service. A mix of the serious, the therapeutic and the theatrical, the Emergency Poet offers consultations inside her ambulance and prescribes 

poems as cures    


For any further information please contact  07561 063969

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