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Submitting work.

To submit photographs please use the artsallovertheplace@yahoo.co.uk address.
To submit video or audio files, please use the above email address and ask for a link.

Terms & Conditions

1) Work submitted to Arts All Over the Place, whether in words, art, sound or video, will be accepted in good faith. 'Good faith' herein means that the work is not a copy of someone else's work, unless so stated and with accompanying permission from the original author; that it is not work that is, or is likely to be interpreted as, prejudicial, hateful, or discriminatory, towards any person, or group of persons, and that it is not of a nature intended to offend.

2) By submitting work to us you consent to us displaying it, or linking to it, from our website, facebook page, twitter account or youtube channel. We do not judge work, we curate it. (By curate we mean organise, display and look after.)
3) We do not in any way assume ownership of any copyright that arises. The contributing artist retains any and all rights and protections under United Kingdom law.


4) Contributors may ask for their work to be removed from any or all Arts All Over the Place digital locations and the work will be removed.

5) Please contact us for any further questions. artsallovertheplace@yahoo.co.uk