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Since its creation in 2007, AAOTP has celebrated the creative talents of those who have or have had mental health problems across all aspects of the Arts. Our main aim is to promote the value of the Arts in Mental Health recovery. It gives free exhibition space to people who might otherwise have no opportunity to showcase their talent, and provides free workshops during the event for people to experience a huge variety of Art forms. It also provides information on mental health to the “general public” and acts as a way of reducing the stigma and discrimination many people with mental health problems face. 


Our committee is run on a voluntary basis by service users and professionals in the fields of education, community and health settings. Every year we look to put on a major event which can showcase the artistic talents of people with lived experience of mental health.




The aims of Arts All Over The place are to encourage participation and promotion of the arts in mental health via an annual arts and health festival. Sometimes we can provide exciting and creative events, this is all dependent on funding. We do this by:


  • Raising awareness of the creativity of people with mental health experience across The West Midlands.


  • Actively engaging with all sectors of mental health provisions.


  • Demonstrating and showcasing the therapeutic benefits of all the creative arts through a range of artistic mediums.


  • Being committed to ensuring equality and  endeavor in the work processes.


  • Ensuring that  Arts All Over The Place  is user centered and accessible to people at all stages of their mental health and recovery.


  • Encouraging participants to develop their skills and ideas by making sure that at least one piece of work will be exhibited by each participant at our annual Festival.


  • Reducing stigma by holding as many events as possible in venues where anyone (including the general public) can join in.


  • Striving to overcome disadvantage experienced by people with disabilities, people facing discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and  religious beliefs.