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Donna Ryan

For the Entity

The thread of my threnody,

weaving hot lines along my thighs like my lovers used to ...

My constant companion,

I never thought I'd welcome you in the way I do...

etching your presence into my face,

gifting me the blessed recognition of others.

how EASILY I used to walk you into submission,

till you were a mere shadow of yourself:

now, I am a shadow of me, and you fill my spaces

steamlike, solid yet nebulous

too dense to see through but too flimsy to hold,

you are the most tangible presence in my reality...

I submit to the weight of you,

sinking into the unexpected softness,

a candy-floss layer between me and the outside world,

yet even you've changed, betraying me

morphed, melted, no solid ache,

no heat I can hold, cup my hands around,

map in my mind...if you leave,

I have nothing, so I walk into your world,

willing you to ensconce me,

take me under,

enfold me until nothing exists but the pure fruit of you,

and me at the core

feeding you,

growing you..

and I name you

My pain




If I could write like you,

I would speak of the balance of delicacy and fire

 shifting through all emotions

not resort to the imitation of your imagery



Tell how it feels with a world in my heart

and a shimmering wing in my brain

fluttering across my vision and taking everything with it



Enfolded  opening at the edges of my boundaries 

honed sharp and fine as cheesewire

the terrible beauty too big to contain 

spilling out through my ears 

leaking through my skin 

the residue sweet and sharp as over-ripe plums   

snatching seconds out of a universe   

slivers of silver shiver down my spine 

the creak of your strings

wet wooden sailboats in the wind 

the storm and the eye of the storm and the storm  ozone

crackle of fire across my scalp 

prickling burning begging for the rain 

the downpour bursts through the floodgates 

and i rise into it

Open and open-mouthed and unafraid

Matt Nunn

Grotbag Laureate of Heavy Metal Land


After finding I had unwittingly gone big with the bucks and gob

at the auction of other people’s version of our society’s mutual history,

splurging all my spiritual savings for the next life or two

on the poetic mining rights for the cheeringly grim-skied state of Digbeth.


I create its unruly sovereignty from the frantic movements through its static,

the bangs, whacks and wallops of its happening,

the way its melancholy settles in rust and re-birth,

into a demonic vision of a downbeat, imperfect sprawl of heaven


Love is Best Behind a Veil

Love is best behind a veil

I hope I do not fail

Eyes that wonder with change

Seeking passion in great number


I hope I do not fail

Find a partner you can change

Seeking passion in great number

Make sure they stay in range


Find a partner you can change

Don’t avenge your inhibitions

Make sure they stay in range

Learn to be me and you


Don’t avenge your inhibitions

Don’t end up in a stew

Learn to be me and you

Life’s a fool, so are you


Don’t end up in a stew

Eyes that wonder with change

Life’s a fool and so are you

Love is best behind a veil

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