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A Different Perspective

England is Royal servility

The French were called cowards who liked to run

Greece, historical Turkish enemy

But American's are the worst apparently

because they love their guns


Brazil is drugs and crime lord gangs

Argentina, Malvinas not the Falkland's man

Germany, where mention of Nazis is banned

America, in the grip of the NRA

is told that it's a gun


Holland, dope and sex on view

Hungary, bloody Ceaușescu

Australia, Aboriginal lives torn askew

But America shoots up schools with guns


Japan has a WHALE of a time fishing

Scotland is as tight as a ducks arse ring

None of these things compare to the sting

of a fragile male ego with a great big gun


Russia wants the gay man dead

Saudi Arabia chops of your head

North Korean's go unfed

and American's never learned that being a modern day cowboy ain't fun


Spain is a bullfight, red you see

African tyrants starve citizens mercilessly

Who are we to criticise thee

when the whole world is a smoking gun?

Anchor - Life Buoy

When all hope is lost and all seems hopeless

You call

Your text,

the message

You come to me


We a hug, a kiss, advice or a plan

to get me through the day

Today blurs into yesterday

when everything seems to stay the same

When you can't move forward

because of the barriers they erect


So in desperation, none-religious, you pray

Save me

Save me

Save me

From myself

and the games they play


Because life's a beach

and the tide approaches

to drag me underneath once more

The sharks are circling

They smell your tears

if you dare to be a one in 4


If you were born this way some will never see

Your real true value and your worth

Don't live in the clouds with ideas above your station

for they will bring you back to down to earth


You elevate me

Make me believe again

Dream again

Live again

Friends reaching out with a lifebuoy to save me

when drowning seems preferable

to carrying on fighting the tide


Out in the open with nowhere to hide

You are my anchor

when the ship's sprung a leak,

about to go under






Lifeguards protecting

for we are the bait

laid bare for the sharks

I fear it's too late

for the prey to poison the greedy sharks


Overfed on the blood of those who can't swim away quickly enough

Survival of the strongest sturgeon

Seafood is the sickly sprat


When it's dogfish eat dogfish

Sink or swim

Brown against white

and her versus him

Healthy versus sick

Odds stacked unnaturally

Greedy sharks versus tiny plankton

at the bottom of the sea


My friends

My love

My flesh and blood

Keep me alive

in the midst of the world's tsunami

Pam Ayres inspired 'aka Flit gun'



My Nan had a little bidet

It was not devoid of charm

I washed my bits and pieces in it,

and no I don't mean my hands and arms


Good for bathing babies

there's a picture of me in it somewhere

Splashing around, blowing bubbles with blonde and curly hair


Bring back the bidet

It's so hygienic,

after you've used the loo,

because there's nothing like a stream of warm water

shooting up your flue


Soapy flannel

Sal de Bain

The French are posh like that

So I bent over with baited breath and washed my smelly.....


Chicken Heart

I lie in bed


like a skinless chicken

Half baked ideas marinated in an over-boiled pot


Burned on crock of memories

of a ruined dinner

Oh no I did it again!

Used the wrong ingredients,

served myself up raw and unpalatable

Undone enough to make you ill too


Chicken shit smell to make you sick

You're acting like an odious cock

I test the meat,

give it a prick


Testing the temperature as you burn hot and cold

and the panic and anxiety grew

You like to make me stew, don't you?

Aren't I

the bitch dog pissing on your picnic,

ruining your disgusting fish sandwiches


Tenderise until tamed

You'd prefer a tough old piece of gristle

Wouldn't you

prefer a protein not so easily pounded by the harsh, sharp utensils -

that didn't bleed and rot


in a fragrant bed of salty dread?

With a heart torn to pieces

and a mashed up brain inside its shitty chicken head


No work today

No eggs to lay

Useless to the farmer

The weak do not pay


"It's a gift" the counsellor did say

"One which I wish could be taken away".

Seeing right through the sheep's vacant expression

as the fox licks his lips in the distance


Thrown out of the coop and out of the loop

and never belonging in their clucky group


Skinless and boneless

Big breasted and toneless

I picked and pecked my feathers and made the bed in which I lay


Pink and putrid in the sun

Chemically sprayed to distract

from the smell of fear

Your cover photo

is of you with a bird on a happier day


Over-exposed - they only see half the picture

My smiling face

Inside - chicken heart

It's never good enough

and it never will be

I try my best to love you,

as the world falls apart

Darkest Storm

Paralysed with emotion, feeling and fear

Chapped lips

Full bladder

Anxiety peaking


Depression sibilantly speaking


than a March hare

Bad and drowning in guilt

The only 'safe space' for snowflake is

cowering under quilt


Not even tired

yet exhausted

LSD dreams without the pills

Terror and dread for the future because they've made is so that

cuts kill,


cuts kill


So much to do

So little motivation

Why worry about having a clean house or a good job in this


where if you can't slave a minimum of 9-5 full time,

you deserve to die?



According to the media moguls and bankers

(heartless wankers)

war is an eye for an eye

I'd like to pluck their hearts out and feed it to my black dog


Nothing happens though

Nothing changes

Stewing in your pit

Where the only relief is food and friendship, sometimes exercising a little bit


TV is trash

Other people are annoying

Too much effort to be nice

Smiling when you want to cry

as their boastful nature doth entice


Nothing today

Hopefully tomorrow will be better

Numb distraction is the key

I know not how to pass for what is 'the norm'


So surround yourself with loved ones, the likeminded,

the fighters, the artists

as the world falls apart

It's the only way to survive and weather this darkest storm

Fast and Fluffy


Floating filaments of fibrous fluff

fly by on the skyline beyond and above


Whizzing past

artificial light reflecting off wide windows

A vista of vapours

visibly void of vocal thunder and volatile lightning


Hurried hues of orange, red, yellow, purple, green, blue

Dusky grey ends a sunny autumn day

as the half moon hangs like a mobile above a baby's crib


Cumulonimbus has no tears to spill

For once I have no time to kill

Zooming at many miles per hour

yet still

and living in the moment



A Gods breath of condensation

Looks like a cloud too


Fast and fluffy floating by

a sunset setting in the sky

The same stars hang over the soft little sprats and the big bad sharks too


A sardine in a moving box

pressed against the pane

A heart of glass gazes out at a sky of fluffy blue

and wonders when I'll make this journey again


Cannot "let it go"

Never forgotten

Hidden under the surface

of the hard grounds exterior


In slumber - barely living

Cold, dark and dopey

Buried in fragile cocoons

that they could choose to dig up and destroy

at any time of their choosing


The Power of the winter Gods: Thanatos, Hades and Artemis

having an orgy with Kronos

on the longest day


Flower beds frozen flat

Hearts stiff from the weight

of their cold, harsh earth


But not all things buried stay as such

Reborn revolutionaries

Optimism reincarnated and ready for the fight back,

choosing to survive the frost


A bounce back zombie

Resilient to the evil ones icy power and privilege

Healing gestation - preparing to be REBORN


In spring

When Artemis gets Persephone back

No more dreading the mornings light -

in mourning

for a life that you could never have


Seeds planted -

because even the most fragile, weakest things

Can grow back stronger, warmer and better

and frozen hearts can be unthawed


Staring at a box of light

Hoping that the rectangle will morph into some sort of magic wand

or marvellous medicine to heal the broken world

Never learning that sometimes things are exactly what they seem

No hidden motive or agenda

No Trojan Horse

to hunt me down

He pursues my dreams like the rich man he secretly wishes to be

cuts me down and rips me apart like vermin

Never stood a chance

in a world where people like that are in charge

Loved but lonely

Hated by a few

Tap tap tap til your finger pads bleed

or until you find likeminded folk and that elusive 'perfect friendship'

The perfect drug, lover, politician, job, hobby

to make it all ok

An unflawed human

Quasimodo said to his gargoyles, "Oh why cannot I be made of stone like thee"?

A robot harvesting data and tampering with your emotions

Just another consumer, a ghostly slave to your machine

Hey, old man

Bleached white

Red with rage and too much wine

Blue as the veins pumping blood to an always right heart

Look upon what you created with shame, blame and resentment

Frankenstein's bride is here to tear you apart

Always with you

Always a part.....apart

Look what you've done again!

Both the solution to and often the cause of,


I've done it again

You do it to yourself

every time

and that's what really hurts

Get off your soapbox and give me a chance or else.....

Sabotage the super ego

and crawl back into your box

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