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Steven Postans



It feels like a gentle drift…
at first.

Like mist on a breeze.


The pieces must have snapped,
now they’re melting,
melting away.


They drift…
subtle and faint.


I’ll lose this thread.
It’s become so


And that’s where I find myself,
caught between the lines,
the lines of life and
what lies behind.


I’ll tear the fabric down,
tear it down with


Thoughts of mine.

Once lateral,
once understandable - now they’ve split -


My world takes on this…
this translucent glint.


Now I feel like I’ve

These feelings don’t feel

Can I trust the light,
can I trust the Birdsong?


Should I peel away the layers,
the layers between
right and wrong?

Would I find myself there,
would anyone?


Now do I let myself
allow those broken parts


Drift until they’re no longer,
in sight
in sight of each other.


Or do I try,
try to pull the strands back together?


I’m not sure.

I’m so aware,
aware of the world,


I could press this point,
press this point and


Could I…
shatter it all?


Would it even matter…

Steven Postans

Between Dreams


think of me and
I’ll catch you,
I’ll muse on your love and
catch you…

for you are not far.

think –

and I’ll ride the waves as you do,
they caress me with the breath you take,
a flutter of the eyes you make,
a rush of blood through blue veins,

with every beat of your heart. 


Steven Postans

32 Degrees and Sunny

I hear you in
‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’,
chipping away -
I wish you wouldn’t stream through
my window,

shhh, I’m taking today
from mindless breathing
and beating
(I only wish to be embalmed
by unnatural light).

But still, you’re whispering,
and it’s so…

shhhhhhhh, I only wish to 
by constant singular ticks.
Surely I’ll see tomorrow,
so leave me…


 Steven Postans

Hot Stone


I see the sun, it’s fingers wrap around

warming cold corners,

soothing jagged edges…

it’s now time,
time for me, 

time for a star kissed dream



its shall move at my pace, the pace I
and I shall meet that which I
and I make what I

and I alone shall wish it.


My mind;



free from that which burdens me

flowing lucidity…
limbs loose and stress free

and if I see it glinting in the dark night,
with all my resolve, I’ll give it wings

I’ll bless it with
and I’ll smile
for I’ll be flying too.

Steven Postans

Sohan Soroya

Earth is Beating


Strange aura around the face

Limb limb is waving

You are a strange girl

As though you have found my secret

You have the key to my heart

You have been flying you are a pink girl

May you fly  in the skies

From today we have a partnership of hearts

I will kiss the reminisces of your memory

For ever and ever

Sohan Soroya

Flowers Blossomed


Flowers  blossomed

Countenances blossomed

Turbulences tumult

and flux of times

Earthquakes came

And myriad storms blew

But could not change  bounty of universe

Or the Penultimate spring of nature

Flowers blossomed

Heat waves came

bleak winters came

Flowers dwindled

Flowers blossomed again


Sohan Soroya

Illuminated Sun


Illuminated sun

Illuminated lamp

Illuminated world

Keep illuminated

Keep illuminated mind

So that Man may not be

Cheated by Illusion in darkness


Sohan Soroya

Luscious Luscious Feel My Songs


Luscious luscious fields

Luscious luscious you feel


My songs keep laughing

In bleak cold weathers


You keep fostering my songs

Luscious luscious feel my



Sohan Soroya

Mother Has Decorated This Flower


Mother has decorated this flower

It is the garden of the world

Beauty is not for nothing

It grows from a mothers heart

That's why it glitters

It is a anodyne

It is hope


Benevolent world of mother

Has grown for this reason

It's rose, it is good character

Good mothers ray

Spreads over the world

It smiles

The painful path begins to smile

Mothers tears

Continue to smile

Because she posses affection

It is hope, it is morning

From mothers seed bed

Which is not grown

From eras

High flyer flight

Mother salutes you the whole universe

The pain you have bourne

To the appreciator

He respects that

Mother sons story

Is the universe story

Which has been written

Mothers book is open


Mothers cradle

Mothers music

Without it, the garden is desolate

From a child's heart beat

Comes the voice of the mother

Listening to this heart beat

Singers sing melodious songs

Sohan Soroya

Some Thoughts are Better

(extreme thoughts may be the problem of man)

Some thoughts are better

Some thoughts are better

Thoughts are high and low

Earth is also high and low

No body is lower or higher than it

It keep revolving and revolving

Thoughts keep flitting in and out of mind

Some fly high -

Have difficulty coming back to earth

Some gravitate to earth too much

And sink into earth

The ones keep rising and can return to earth are better

And are ones of more pure clear energy

Extreme thoughts may be problem of man

Sohan Soroya

Hale and Hearty Thoughts into Action


Hale and hearty thoughts into action

Fresh thoughts woke up

With them the steps lifted

Wind potent clean and fresh blew

Athlete Began  to flow like wind

Breaths accelerated

Shrunk Breast opened like bellows

Drank breaths more and more

Like fish drink water and live

Sent energy all around the universe

And  energy came back from all corners of of the universe

Waves of peace fell all over the being

Unsettled heart beat became calm and regular

With it mind became balanced too

Became new

Like the rising morning sun

Witnessing world

Ruptured into smiles

Like rising morning smiling rays of sun


Hale hearty thoughts came into action


Sohan Soroya

Many are  Starved


Many are  starved

Many are sated

Many sated gluttons

Eat unnecessarily

Only to become sick

And fill the beds with pathologies

Sohan Soroya

My Wit Is Staggered Staggered


My wit is staggered staggered

Your walking along with me

You have returned the old songs

You have broken all the occupations

Greenery has come in my life

So that we have  partnership

The world is startled, startled

You are absorbed in limb limb


The jingling of your songs

Roses have started to smile

You are the redness of the morning

You are my sympathiser

You are certain pink moon

You are a burning multicoloured flame in full swing

You seem to be  intoxicated

But you  are  rebel against pub

You are that truth

Which is the price of my heart


 Sohan Soroya

Symmetry of Flowers


Symmetry of flowers

Arrangement of petals

Presentation of beautiful Nature

Something worth learning

Sohan Soroya

The Heart of Humanity - the Rose


Let somebody come and tell me


Let somebody come and tell me

Does rose ever bite ?

Bad thorns come in the way for nothing

and prick the innocent roses


Beauty of the world

Is the beauteous rose

Release fragrance in the garden

Bounce memories up


Today is a Sun blossomed day

Pure rose is becoming

More pure and more delicate

Eyes are absorbing deep colour

Hearts are becoming rose

On the branches

Roses are having a peaceful ride

beauty of the world

Is the Magnificent rose

The dazzling rose

The heart of humanity -the rose


Sohan Soroya

Sean Tompson

The Beast

When the beast with dirty claws & dirty teeth

Decides to smash into your brain

What do you do?

I mean, what do you do?


Coz it’s intense…

Them greedy eyes scream, “I want to swallow you whole!

Lick & suckle every sense of calmness, every sense of self!

I want you jiggering up & down on that pavement, bitch!!!

Jumping at every voice!

At every strange glance you’re gonna get!”


It has a bloated tongue

& it runs 

It runs

It runs 'round your body, massaging every hidden fear

Every hidden pore

A kinky, twisted, fucked-up, unconsented lover

Did you really bring this thing into your bed?


It purrs, “I am the ever-entwining one.

The slimy, cold, black conger eel wrapped 'round you whole

Fused to your skin like a burning tattoo

But just underneath so no one knows

Just me & you

Just me & you

I will drive you deep down

Deep down underwater, son

But don’t worry

You won’t drown"

(Well not just yet...)


It laughs…

"Them fucking religions with their tall hats, big books, big gowns

Talk about Hell & Sin as some existential place in the future where you're  gonna burn

Let me tell you boy

You carry the damn thing in you 

& tonight

                    Tonight, you're gonna burn…"                    



Saghir Ulhaq

It’s a Bee’s Life…

It’s a bee’s life…

Living in a hive

Buzzing insects

Two pairs of see-through wings

Each has a job to do

Queen bee is in charge

Workers and drones together

Honeybees looking for flowers

Drinking sugary nectar

With a long lune- like tongue

They collect pollen, too

Carry it from one flower to another

Fertilise them

Loaded up they go home

On the way they dance to talk

Perform the ‘waggle dance’

Worker bees chew the nectar and pollen

Make it into honey

Bees eat some

And beekeeper collect the rest

Put it into jar to sell


In the morning I awake

I go downstairs

Switch on my Kenwood Kettle

Make a hot mug of Tetley tea

When the toast is ready

I sit at the table

With my family

Spread Gale’s honey on my bread


The toast with strong, sweet tea

Has a crunchy, syrupy, yummy honey taste


Saghir Ulhaq

The Ultimate Rose


My beloved wife, I can give you from my garden,

The rose you desire.

Is it ‘Albertine’?

Is it ‘Bobbie James’?

-The cupped, white is sweetly scented.

Is the yellow ‘Bright Smile’?

Or ‘Elizabeth of Glamis’,

‘Evelyn Fison’, which does not fade in the hottest sun?

‘Iceberg’, another white@

Is it ‘Sheila’s Perfume’, or ‘Strawberry Ice’?

-The one different to ignore,

Or can I say ‘Tango’, which deserves a place in the garden.

Only for you-

I will clip these roses, especially for you.

Saghir Ulhaq



I wish for a brave heart,

But where do I start?


I wish I was a lion:

In the midst of the natural world I would roar:

A lion that is the courageous king of the jungle;

A lion with physical powerful paws,

The lion that protects its siblings

And train its cubs to take part in a terrifying world.

I can be as metallic as the tin man,

Or be a scarecrow dressed in old clothes,

Set up to scare away the birds from the crops.


Yet, I can change into a strong person for better

I want to be louder than the lion

More metallic than the tin man

And scary than the scarecrow

My fate is to recapture my genius spirit.


Everyone sometimes lacks courage;

I am frightened and I am trembling now.

Through I may stumble and fall 

I am sure one day I will hear my heart call.


Saghir Ulhaq 

My wife and I in the Caribbean


You and me in the Caribbean

Sunbathing on the white sand beaches

Sun, sea a chance of a lifetime

The heat makes us sweat

The warm breeze blows

The palm-shades

As we watch the waves – holding hands

Drinking coconut milk with a straw

Then we go to rest in our Caribbean-style cottage

With verandas overlooking tropical gardens

Where a Caribbean restaurant is nearby

In the evening we watch the sunset melt away into the night

We listen to the sound of crickets chirping

Both of us wake up feeling refreshed

We see yellow-breasted banana quits

Picking from our sugar bowl

For breakfast we enjoy delicious fresh fruit: mangos, and watermelons.

Then we step into the turquoise-blue sea

When we pass by flamboyant trees

Covered with dazzling, red flowers

We see local people dressed in very bright shirts

For a romantic time together

We ride in a kayak made for two

As we sail we talk about our good times

I sing the song by Chris De Burgh-lady in Red

After a beach party, in the evening we fly back to England


‘Come on, stop daydreaming,’ my wife said.


Saghir Ulhaq

Andrew Hider

 Marsh Marigold


Marigold grows in bright springtime waters,

Where dart shoals of quick little brown fishes;

Adventures there for young sons and daughters,

Where they play out hopeful lifetimes wishes.

Marigold looks down to reflected sky,

As bees sip nectar from gold cups of kings;

Woodland waters nurture tears that clouds cry,

Unseen birdsong heard as brown chiffchaff sings.

Golden petals make no ingots of gold...

I think back to a distant magic time,

Before my childhood dreams were bought and sold,

When I though life would follow steady rhyme.

    Marigold succumbs not to thoughts austere,

    But returns her joy to me every year.

Andrew Hider

In Buttercup Fields


Today I walk in buttercup fields,

Where a lover of joy to Venus yields.

I walk out where the sky is blue,

You cannot hear me but I speak to you;

For words are birds my friends,

Birds are words that fly to you.

Whether the sun does shine or there is falling rain,

Just for a while I feel no pain.

All seems silent beyond the horizon today;

As if time has no meaning beyond this week away,

But is just a raindrop in a summer lake,

Where I can swim without nightmares till I wake.

I see no god, just my earthly angel who has no wings,

Who walks with me in buttercup fields,

Where each lover of joy to Venus yields.

Andrew Hider

Jo Evans

Shoes Stuck in Mud


Scattered is the dramatic scenic view

hat tired, artistically held


craving invalid tiers of amps so muted

and rawly deranged


embroidered hands thread the simply skinned

ice, hitched doorways embedded rose


earth twisted tonight artificially creased

sideways, wing screaming years arched


as weighted electric numb bells instigate

shallow copper dice


even thorns hunger sits in solid grains

irate, eccentricity behind war


sugared yet diamonds paint heaps

of stirred lies deep in slumber wordless


refrained, somewhat called on footprints dead

I Seethe


stitched flowers index

corpses, bloated stars

wear bruised metal

storm eyes, chrome

bubble flat upon snakes

burnt aprons


clocks sue


the breathless grass

windows erased as a

devoured pulse dictates

heavens inserted

wound rivals in soil


I seethe


dawn stands behind

the moon shipped

handbag in dust, a

thousand raw dots

deaths wept stem


parrots speak words

of mild hunger, mermaids

lay in the brown sands from

oceans premature deaths

the suns wart hand

grabbed to fall


I seethe


shelved read footprints

stir up the wooden

angels smiles, melted

opaque walls twist the

flung holed stone


merry go round memories

the length of a retarded

piece of string dipped in

hot embers new

Mad Yes


To snore into the black

vinyl box of rolled down

the hill volcanic scraps


as the paused knitted cork

kisses the swung ash memory

still upon deaths fluidlike cage


the salted mountains cupped

solution set while pierced one

eyes blankets sink


I threw my ten times necklace

into the breadcrumbed tooth

socket of a blind rainbows

paintbrush scarred


to soak the yellow bricks footprint

four scrubbed walls so elastic

mix and match clocks burn the

metal piano


across a castle windows branch

left to breathe in stone cold

nightmares massaged

in swallow tree holes


rich craters from the drunken cramp

of a shadows pick axe teardrop reflection

untidy in a dices chamber of screams


that sharp end of tippy toes in the chitter

chatter from a serpents rooted floor mat

flung under a deaf blue skies desk

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